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8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a freshwater alpine lake located in the Sierra Nevada


Allow us to “peak” your curiosity with the following facts you may not have known about the gem of the Sierra Nevada!


Fun Facts


  1. Something in the Water: Lake Tahoe’s water has been named the best-tasting in the U.S.


  1. Give Them an Inch: One inch of Lake Tahoe water equals about 3.33 billion gallons of water.


  1. Old Age: The lake is estimated to be 2 million years old, among the world’s 20 oldest lakes.


  1. Getting Deep: The deepest point in the lake is 1,645 ft.—the Empire State Building wouldn’t even break the surface!


  1. Tall trees: Out of the common Tahoe pine trees, the Sugar Pine is the tallest and grows up to 200 feet.


  1. Birds the Word: The Peregrine Falcon of Lake Tahoe has been clocked at 200 mph.


  1. Lake Tahoe Loch Ness? Some have claimed a prehistoric creature similar to the famed monster lives in the lake, with the most recent sighting taking place in 1972.


  1. Popularity Contest: Lake Tahoe hosts about 15 million visitors per year.


If you plan on being one of the visitors that come behold the wonder of Lake Tahoe this year, book a stay at Red Wolf Squaw Valley, a cozy alpine getaway located in the heart of North Lake Tahoe close to all the year-round adventures!










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